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What Can Counselling Help With?

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Do you often feel like you live in your head and feel overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts?

Are there times when you feel like history keeps repeating itself through the life choices you make?

Maybe you’ve had a traumatic experience, the effects of which are permeating in to your day to day life?

Does your need to people please leave you feeling like you are not able to prioritise your own needs?

Have you been through a big life change and are struggling to find your identity?

Counselling can help you seek clarity with all of these and covers (but is not limited to): abuse, anger, anxiety, bereavement and loss, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, panic attacks, relationships, self-harm, stress, trauma and work-related issues.  People seek therapy for a range of life issues, sometimes there isn’t an issue at all and you may want to seek therapy to feel healthier, to be more self-aware or for personal growth.

What Can Counselling Help With?: Services
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