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The Way I Work...

We are all unique and therefore I do not have a one size fits all approach to therapy.  During our sessions I will draw upon other theoretical models such as Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Transactional Analysis which will seamlessly enhance the therapeutic work. 

Working in a way that enables you to tell your story without fear and shame, understanding the narrative and accepting your experience is powerful, and for me this is the heart of therapy. 

I usually provide open ended therapy where there is no limit on number of sessions available, but for the process to be meaningful and effective, we would review the work together every 6-8 weeks. 

The initial session will be an opportunity for us to meet and have a chat about your therapeutic needs, i.e. why you are seeking therapy and what you would like to achieve, it will also give you an idea of the way I work.  Once we have had our initial session and you decide to commit to therapy sessions with me, we can discuss arrangements going forward. 

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