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The Journey....

My Counselling Philosophy

The information on this page is super important – it will give you an idea of the way I work as well as the underlying philosophy I aim to weave through the journey of therapy with me.  Whilst I am based in Hertfordshire, location need not be a barrier as I am able to offer sessions online too – click on the relevant section to find out more.

My Counselling Philosophy

Life seldom happens in straight lines – there are ups and downs which often makes the journey exhilarating and exciting but also sometimes unrelenting and difficult – this is life.  It is in these moments that we need to access the ingrained tools which we all have to help us not only survive, but thrive – we all have these tools but sometimes we don’t know it.  I do not aim to advise or diagnose but to create a space where you are able to explore your issues without fear of consequence.  I will support you in building resilience, autonomy and a relationship with yourself in order to be able to achieve your therapeutic goals. 

The cornerstone of therapy is the therapeutic relationship and for me, the basis of this relationship is trust, acceptance and empathy.  Whilst I am unable to walk in your shoes, I can walk beside you and try to understand what it may feel like for you.  It is during this process of reflection that creates self-awareness and clarity of your circumstances. 

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