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Braving the Beginning

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

This post was born a couple of days into 2021, since then versions of it have existed only in my mind and maybe on a couple of post its that have lost their way in and amongst all the other bright ideas that are birthed in my head.

It’s at this point that I usually get distracted and before you know it I’m holding a mug of tea, dunking a biscuit and rewriting version x. But you know what? Its ok, because I’ve made a start. Taken a step. I am ‘Braving the Beginning.’ I tiptoe in to the virtual limelight with a slight feeling of unease masked by my brave face. What if people are quick to judge my words, or judge me?

As creatures of habit, wisdom says that if something bothers you, causes you anxiety or makes you uncomfortable then just don’t look at it. Put it out of your mind, tuck it out of sight. Do not venture there. So for most of our lives we end up running away from discomfort, hardships and challenges. And I get it. There is so much comfort and safety in sticking with what you know, in fact, as humans I think we are wired that way – to seek that which provides security and this is important. It’s grounding.

But, in standing on the water’s edge (or in my case poised at the keyboard, finger hovering over send) are we doing ourselves a disservice by not taking a plunge in to the unknown? Sure we are free from doubt, anxiety and pain but isn’t life all about riding the waves, feeling the highs and the lows. If we deny ourselves the lows are we actually able to appreciate the highs?

So lesson number one for 2021 for me has to be where there is uncertainty, unknowns and fear, walk towards it, sit down and nestle in it for somewhere in this uncomfortable space there is personal growth and an opportunity to find a part of myself that I am not acquainted with…yet.

Where do you linger? Is it at the water’s edge or have you managed to dip your toe into the unknown?

Here’s to getting out of the starting blocks… published.

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